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Hollywood, California: Screenwriters looking to earn more from their scripts by turning them into books will love the new and improved “Converting a Screenplay into a Book” on-demand workshop at

Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton has been running workshops to support authors, screenwriters, filmmakers, podcasters, and independent TV producers since 2009. You can find links to workshops, reviews, and ratings for her highly informative media-pro workshops at

“Converting a Screenplay into a Book” is an important workshop for screenwriters who have invested thousands of hours in producing screenplays with great characters and gripping plots.

Getting a script sold and produced in Hollywood these days is an uphill battle. The vast majority of great scripts will never become films.

However, by following the detailed instructions in this on-demand workshop, filmmakers can give their characters and stories a second chance to thrill people worldwide by creating a great book.

Moreover, a book that sells well becomes significantly more interesting to producers because it has a proven audience. They know how to market the story, who is most likely to buy it, and what people love about what the writer created. This is why Hollywood licenses so many books for production.

Topics covered in this on-demand workshop include:

  • Tools that make turning books into screenplays much easier.
  • Why new trends in books actually favor screenplay authors.
  • How to revise and update screenplay plots and characters to make a good book work.
  • Choosing the right point of view and tense for your book project.

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