Handy Tools & Services

I create content across media and I use a wide variety of tools and services from many providers to significantly increase speed of production, reduce costs, ensure quality, and to promote the content I create. Folks I support frequently ask me to name the tools and services I like, so I’ve created a list of providers below. While these providers might suit me, you should do your own research before purchase to ensure they suit you. Some of these links are affiliate links, and the little revenue they generate helps me cover the cost of maintaining this page.

Tip: I use a lot of Fiverr services because there’s a lot built into a site to ensure I pay what I expect to pay, and I get what I pay for. Also I can rate providers with few stars when they don’t make me happy. I can also tip providers that make me very happy.

Send Press Releases

When people Google you, your company, or your project, you want to control what they see. The easiest way to do that is to run press releases that get picked up by high-value news sites and Google News. Make sure the press release title includes your name, your company name, your project name (film, book, podcast, etc) and/or important partners. Make sure it is written as a news article, and that it links to your website and your project’s website or partner website if they have one. I use this Fiverr vendor’s Premium service to send my press releases. It’s the most cost-effective and fast solution I’ve found to place my press releases on 300+ NBC, CBS, and other high-value news sites. See an example of a press release this vendor sent out for me Aug 26 2021 https://bit.ly/3oo47Zo. Everyone you pitch, everyone you try to sell your media to, is going to Google you. If you can help Google direct them to the information you most want people to see, you’ll close more deals. This is particularly true if you have a common name like Nancy Fulton.

Edit Books

I’ve used several providers on Fivver to edit books. My science fiction and mystery books average around 40K. I am a professional writer, so before I send the content I do a spelling check and use grammar check which are both available to me in Google Docs. I then save the file as a Word document, and this is what I send to editors. I usually register the work at copyright.gov before sending it out to be edited, though I’ve never had an editor steal a book. I don’t ask my editors to do structural changes or provide developmental editing, just proofreading for grammar and punctuation, and to give me notes they have as they read (like “this is unclear”, or “story drags here”). I may send a book to an editor, review their changes and add additional content, then send it off to another editor for a final check.

The trick with hiring editors on Fivver is that the best ones get booked up pretty quickly, especially if they are very cost effective. Also they vary by Genre, so I’m linking to a few of them I like. I tip my editors, sometimes up to 50% of the amount they charge, because editing is very hard work. I plan to spend ~$100 per editor, and to do 2 or 3 passes per book.

This editor is a rockstar. They edited 3 books for me which are currently all earning 4-5 stars on Amazon. I use their premium service and have never been unhappy.

This service will give you multiple readers to find typos. I Usually do this after I hire an editor to edit my book because otherwise you get a lot of conflicting edits that are hard to handle.

Storyboards and Book Illustrations

Anthony Sturmas is a full-time storyboard artist and illustrator who has had the honor of working with some of the best entertainment companies. Twitch Prime (Amazon), Nickelodeon, ATT, NBC, Sprint, Toyota, and (POTC) Pirates of the Caribbean are just a few. He has also worked with director Steven Kiefer for Pretty Little Liars, Anthony Ferrante for Hello Hero, director Jerren Lauder for The Inhabitant, director Robert Restro, Joe Castro special EFX, Jeremy Wanek VFX supervisor, Felissa Rose and Angie Stevenson for the feature film Z Dead End as the senior storyboard artist. You can check out my video with Anthony, and this VoyageLA Magazine article, to learn more about his work.