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Note the VIP/PRO membership delivers all of these skills for just $20/month or $60 for 6/months. If you are comfortable learning on your own, its the least expensive option.

1-to-1 Training on How to Do Any of the Following$200/hr
You can hire someone to do something for you or you can learn-by-doing while someone talks you through it. If the latter option suits you best, this 1-to-1 training option is for you.
5 Strategic Press Releases to Determine
What Google Sees and Shares About You
(includes interview, writing, and distribution)
Google is the first place people turn when they want to know more about you or any book, film, or service you sell. When you can’t be swiftly found on Google, or when what people find makes people not trust you, selling your work becomes very hards. Strategic press releases ensure you and your work can be found and they ensure people learn people know what you want them to know going forward. Releases are distributed on 200+ news sites across the internet, including ABC, CBS, NBC Affiliates.
WordPress Website + Google Business Email
& Business Phone Number with Call/Text Forwarding
You have to have a website to promote yourself and your work. This “home page” online allows you to sell your work, collect email addresses and other contact information, inform interviewers and others about what to say about you, etc. It is the focus of all offers and all PR. A full featured company email lets you manage your customers and media contacts along with managing and sharing your data securely.
Setup Mailing List & Create 3 Signup Incentives $740
Mailing lists work when you can give people something they want right after they sign up. The easiest thing to give them is an ebook, audiobook, video lecture, or some other benefit they really want right after they sign up. Creating the mailing list and attaching it to your site and your social media marketing so that it delivers the premiums that make people connect with you is a fundamental business operation.
Setup Podcast Hosting & Create 3 Podcasts $800
A podcast is a great way to create relationships with customers. Podcasts are easier to create and promote than a blog. They are also effective demonstrations of creative skill for writers, screenwriters, producers, and experts.
Have Your Book Ghost Written
Based on Up to 10 Zoom Interviews
The quickest way to draft a 40,000 word memoir, a true story, a fiction novel, or a fact-based book on almost any topic is simply to have a writer interview you and generate the text for you. This method lets you focus on the story you want to tell or the information you want to share without being distracted by the mechanics of writing. This process also generates a series of videos you can use to support and market your work going forward.
Publish a Book on Amazon
(assuming the book is fully written and edited)
From custom cover creation to formatting, publishing a book on Amazon doesn’t have to take long or cost much. This is a fast turn-key solution for people who just want their book released and ready to buy. It includes book-specific marketing suggestions to help gain the first sales and reviews.
Editing a Book
(assuming the book is fully written)
The most tedious and time consuming part of writing a book is editing it so it says exactly what you intended to say. A good editor helps you write much more quickly because while they are editing you can move on to your next writing project. It is absolutely true that the more books you write, and the more your books cross promote one another, the more you will earn as a writer.
Social Media Marketing / Advertising Setup
(Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Thousands, perhaps millions, of people who would enjoy the work you do are online every hour of every day around the world. Social media marketing and advertising is how you reach these people to tell them where to find you and what you have to sell. Profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are required to market yourself online because those are where it’s cheapest and easiest to reach the majority of people.