Welcome! Below you’ll find a quick list of some of our most popular workshops for authors, screenwriters, filmmakers, indie-TV producers, and podcasters. Some of the links lead to free workshops we make available as a public service to the creator community. You can watch our workshops in any order. They are designed to let you learn exactly what you want to know when you want to know it. Many come with a link-filled slide deck that provides tools and resources that make your work easier.

Remember, you can find all our affordable, informative, actionable, link-filled, on-demand videos and upcoming live events, on our NFM24 video site. Scroll through this list and click links to find solutions to common problems.

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Copyright & Work for Hire Law for Authors, Screenwriters, and Filmmakers. A leading entertainment attorney discusses you need to know about registering and protecting your work.

Protecting Yourself In Hollywood So You Can Safely Thrive

Option Agreements, Shopping Agreements, and Life Rights Agreements for Authors, Writers and Screenwriters. A leading entertainment attorney covers critical agreement fundamentals for media creatives.

Attorney-Led Workshop on Death and Divorce for Authors, Screenwriters and Filmmakers.

Attorney-Led Workshop on Writing About Famous People and Real-World Events

Significant Hollywood Disasters and Important Lessons Learned

Secret Identities Primer: Using Pseudonyms, Pen Names & Aliases

Attorney-Led Contract Fundamentals Workshop for Authors, Screenwriters, and Filmmakers

Making Movies with Friends: Risks, Rewards, Strategies, and Solutions

How to Actually Get Paid on Back End Deals if You Work for Deferred Pay or a Percentage

Writing Your Memoir or a True Life Story? Issues & Solutions Involved in Telling the Truth About Real People

Learn How to Create a Course That Sells! Master Several Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective Ways to Sell Your Expertise

Converting a Screenplay into a Book

Free Attorney-Led Workshop on Fair Use and Copyright for Filmmakers, Screenwriters and Authors

Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Better and Faster

Making the Most of Pitch Meetings

How to Create Animated Videos of Yourself & Your Characters Talking Using Artificial Intelligence

Exploring Film & Television Foreign Media Production Incentives

Making your Script or Film Easier to Sell

Using AI Interactive Characters to Tell Stories / Creating an AI Cast for Audiences to Interact With

Using AI API’s to Create Better Media More Quickly

AI Macros: Automating Complex & Repetitive Tasks Fast

Media Visibility Rising Above the Noise in the Age of AI

Using AI to Create Video Quickly

How to Replace Live People with Digital Characters Fast Using AI to Create Projects Like ET, TED, and Alien

Interviewing a Screenplay or a Book & Its Characters with AI

Using A.I. for Creative Research for Films, Books, Docs, Plays Effectively

Creating Custom AI Chatbots Trained on Your Content

ChatGPT Book & Screenplay Research, Outlining & Editing Techniques for Your Original Projects

Studio Quality AI Voice Impersonation with Full Expression for Film, Animation, Audiobook & Podcast

AI Music vs Stock Audio vs Original Music Composition Software : Music Options for Filmmakers, Indie TV Producers, Podcasters & Producers of All Kinds

Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Better and Faster

Plot Factories and Story Generators

Strategies for Creating Photorealistic Cartoons Quickly / Rendering in Planes

Quickly Creating Augmented Reality for Film, TV & Books with Free Software

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning / Protecting Your Work & Expertise

How to Write a Book or Screenplay in 40-to-80 Hours with Smart Sprints

Shooting Films on iPhone

Reading a Screenplay Like a Producer

How to Sell Creative Media in One Hour for Maximum Profit / Films, Books, Web Series, Audio Recordings

Success Seconds at a Time

What Kind of Creator Are You & Why Does That Matter So Much Here in Hollywood?

Using Voice Recordings to Make Animated Characters Talk

Producing Talk Shows & Mockumentaries for Podcast, Film & TV

Five Quickstart Media Businesses

Monetizing Media: Ways Pros Earn Money From Their Creative Work

Achieving Creative Financial Success: It’s Not Luck or Magic

Stealing Visibility to Make Your Projects More Sellable and Successful: Titanic, Snow White, & JFK

Why & How to Create a One-Man Show for Authors, Actors, Writers, Documentarians, Experts and Producers

Podcast Quick Launch & Worldwide Release

Filmmaker & Indie TV Hacks / Specific Hacks to Reduce Costs & Increase Production Speed

Building & Launching Websites In About An Hour: Attractive, Image-Rich, Easy to Maintain, Cost-Effective

Micro-Budget Movie Production Secrets

Writing & Publishing Journals & Workbooks / Fast & Cost Effective Print on Demand (POD) Solutions

Development Hell: What it is and How to Avoid It

Working with Actors Safely: Tips for Filmmakers, Documentary Makers, Authors & Podcasters

Film Financing & Distribution with Joanne Butcher Consulting Producer and Founder of FilmmakerSuccess.com

Creating Photorealistic Humans for use in Unreal Engine

Film Budgeting & Production Consulting Interview featuring Jack Binder from FilmBudget.com

What Producers Actually Do: A How-To Primer for New Producers

Actual Places to Pitch and Sell Your Screenplay, Find an Agent, or Find a Manager

Approaching Name Talent for Feature Film and Documentary Projects

How to Run TV Ads on + Channels including Pluto, Peacock, CNN, Lifetime, the Hallmark Channels, ESPN, Comedy Central, etc.

Using MidJourney & Other Artificial Intelligence Tools to Create Characters, Locations, Illustrations, Covers & Posters

Approaching & Pitching High Net Worth Individuals & Families with John Milanovich, Family Office Club

Trading Media for Email Addresses / Lots of Tools, Strategies & Tactics for Collecting Fans & Taking Payment for Creative Work

Social Media Posts That Sell You & Your Work

Viral Media Workshop: Strategies, Tactics & Eliminating Roadblocks

Media Crowdfunding: Fast, Easy & Effective Strategies and Tactics

Creating Transcripts and Caption Files Quickly & For Next to Nothing

Building Your Career by Creating Social or Political Activist Content 

Get Distribution for Your Films, Short Films, and Videos (OTT, SVOD, AVOD, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube, Broadcast, Traditional & Social Media Distribution etc.)

Marketing & PR Through Commentary and Critique

Buying Computers for Less and Remote-Renting High-Powered Workstations for Under $/hour on Demand

Swiftly Vetting Editing Finalizing Screenplays so You Can Exit Infinite Edit Mode

Creating Cartoons Quickly, Cheaply & Profitably

Quickly Creating and Using Cool Canva Special FX in Videos, Films, Social Media Posts, and Websites with Canva

Using Custom Fonts Legally to Create Much Better Movie Posters, Book Covers, Pitches, etc.

Creating Sales Copy That Sells

Swiftly Creating an Online Course that Sells

Amazon Kindle Select Book Publishing: Selling Thousands of Pages a Day Profitably as a Self Publishing Writer or Producer

Using Permafree Books to Sell You and Your Work

Using QR Codes to Sell Your Creative Work

AI Voice Design for Film, Animation, Podcasts, and Ads

Quickly Creating Interactive Video Courses to Sell

Creating iPhone or Android Apps without Learning How to Code

Cultivating a Robust Mental Attitude to Thrive in the Media Business

Creative Critique Groups: Founding, Running & Participating in Creative Groups

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