I take your career as a creative professional as seriously as you do. We both want you to be very successful.  — Nancy Fulton

About Nancy Fulton

Nancy Fulton has been writing, producing, and publishing, profitably  across media for more than 25 years. She’s taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, & Autodesk, etc.  She was lead curricula developer & senior business mentor for a startup school in the UK, managing a team of 8 lawyers, MBAs, & educators to mentor thousands. She is currently providing 60,000+ writers, screenwriters, producers, performers and other creative entrepreneurs with the informative face-to-face workshops, online events,  step-by-step guides they need to move their projects and careers forward swiftly and profitably.

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“ I wish I had found this group sooner! ” — Stephanie Yuhas

“ Good networking and great educational workshops and seminars! ” — Sandy Baumann

“ Very relevant and helpful. Nancy, you’re doing a great job! Thank you! ” — Pamela Davis

“ Nancy, you amaze me with your giving spirit and ability to bring such great guests on board. Thanks for all you do to help us excel in our careers. ” — Susan Shearer

It’s like what I tell the waiter when he asks how my meal was. I just show him my clean plate. I left with a clean plate today. I’ll be back. ” — Saul Isler

“ Excellent information with every session. ” — Lee Forgang

“ Very good collection of really useful material ” — Frank Amsden

“ Worthwhile venues, quality people. Nancy Fulton puts a lot of energy into each event. ” — Lauren Bell

“ We have the most interesting and action filled fact and method meetings! ” — Constance Golden

“ Excellent and accessible. ” — Maccana

“ It is a super group!!! ” — Dennis Deppisch

“ it’s a great place to start, love the group ” — Tyson V

“ This is the best Meetup! Nancy does an excellent job each time we have an event! ” — Ericka

“ I’m really glad to be part of this straightforward, diverse, focused group ”— Kate